Haukland Photographer of the Year

This is the winner of the Haukland Photographer of the Year 2022 photo contest

The winner of the 2022 Haukland Photographer of the Year photo contest has finally been announced!

Pascal Chappuis prevailed against thousands of entries with his special photo of the full moon behind a lonely tree. With 44 points out of a possible 48, Pascal won over both the Haukland community and the #teamhaukland jury.

In addition to a Haukland 7-in-1 Photography Jacket, which Pascal has already received as the winner of the month of August, he can now officially call himself "Haukland Photographer of the Year 2022", receives a grandiose trophy for his showcase and won the photo trip to Norway as the main prize.

The story behind the photo is also very exciting, as it took over a year to make it happen. Pascal says:

"I've been seeing this tree since the last storm 2-3 years ago on my way home. Since then, it stands alone and I have already photographed it at sunset because I find its shape super beautiful and special.

At some point, I got the idea with the moon. Thanks to today's apps and websites, I was able to figure out that there should be 2-3 days a year when the moon is in the right position. Then I just had to hope for good weather.

In August it finally worked out. Since the freedom of movement at the spot is limited and there are only a few days per year when it's possible, it took a long time for this image from idea to realization."

POTY winner 2021, Mario Urso, has already redeemed his main prize, the photo trip to Norway, this year. You can read more about it here.

You can see all the 2022 finalist pictures here.

Are you going to participate in the Haukland Photographer of the Year 2023? We are looking forward to your pictures!

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