Three photographers on an adventurous road trip through Northern Norway.
Bluff mountains, rugged islands, deep fjords - perfect conditions for #teamhaukland.

#teamhaukland, consisting of adventure photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj, travel photographer Kristof Göttling and landscape photographer Lukas Voegelin travelled to the north of the Arctic Circle in Norway in autumn 2021.

They were accompanied by a camera around the clock. The result is an epic video series of which 1 video will be published on Youtube every week.

Team Haukland
The Route
Die Route
All episodes in 4K as a >2 hr. movie:
Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
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Episode 10:
Team Haukland
Benjamin Jaworskyj
Adventure photographer, Haukland Founder
Read the interview with Ben
Team Haukland
Lukas Voegelin
Landscape photographer, photo coach
Read the interview with Lukas
Team Haukland
Kristof Göttling
Travel photographer, Coach for image editing
Read the interview with Kristof
Team Haukland